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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Chief Health Officer of Queensland?

Queensland chief health officer Dr John Gerrard has given details on those nine Covid-19 deaths recorded in the state over the latest reporting period, including an 18-year-old.

Who is the CEO of Ontario Health System?

Matthew Anderson, the CEO of Ontario Health, did indicated that Ontario is still at in a "very challenging environment" in terms of the current situation at Ontario hospitals.

Who is the Minister of Health in Ontario?

While the specifics are still not known, Ontario's Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, said at a press conference on Wednesday that "we’re starting to see glimmers of hope" and "beginning to see signs of stabilization."

Who is the Commissioner of the Department of Health?

Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey first announced the infection plateau during a briefing with state lawmakers on Wednesday afternoon, saying the virus was flattening and even declining in "essentially all" metropolitan areas. Less populated regions are expected to follow, she said.

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