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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Tier 4 member retire at 55 without penalty?

A Tier 4 member with 30 years of service credit can receive a NYSLRS retirement benefits at 55 without penalty, even if they left public employment before they were eligible to retire. However, leaving public service before retirement may affect other benefits.

What is a Tier 3 and 4 retirement plan?

Tier 3 and 4 members in the Article 15 retirement planqualify for retirement benefits after they’ve earned five years of credited service. Once you’re vested, you have a right to a NYSLRS retirement benefit — even if you leave public employment.

What benefits does NYC Health + hospitals offer?

As a NYC Health + Hospitals employee, benefits are an important part of your total compensation package. Your complete benefit package includes, medical, dental, and a contributory retirement plan. As you explore the various benefits, you will notice affordable premiums, generous leave policies and additional retirement savings options.

What are the benefits of the city of New York?

benefit of employees of the City of New York Annual and Sick Leave for Newly Hired Employees Paid Holidays Annual Leave Allowance Most non-managerial titles accrue 8:45 hours/ month Managerial titles accrue 10:30 hours / month Accrual rates increase after specified years of service. Annual Leave Usage

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