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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a replica of the hololive server?

So you want to explore the Hololive server, but are unable to find any complete builds.... The only other replica world is on a site called planetcobalt which is far from being up to date. The world is mixmatched, has some newer builds: Bunkeronii, and Mumei, and Fauna's houses.

How do I get hololive-en in Minecraft?

Go to your Minecraft saves folder (on Windows the default location is %APPDATA%\.minecraft\saves) and create a new subfolder Hololive-EN (or whichever name you like), then extract the archive into that folder. The next time you start Minecraft you should see a new entry "Hololive-EN" in your world list.

Can hololive members leak the map seed?

Hololive members are actually very cautious not to even leak the map seed, let alone the map files. Pretty sure someone managed to get the seed of the map since someone on stream once directed Okayu to the exact location of some diamonds down to the amount of blocks. Very doubtful.

Is there a mod for hololive relics?

Some must be pieced together while others have a chance of spawning in their structures along with other chest loot There is a companion mod for Hololive Relics that adds music discs of Hololive original songs. You can download it by visiting the link below or checking the "Related Projects" section under any version past 3.1.0.

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