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Frequently Asked Questions

Does heat rise or sink?

So, heat doesn't rise; hot air floats in colder air, cold air sinks in warmer air, and there are many other forces at play. It’s some of both. Heavier cold air sinks while lighter hot air rises. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

What happens to air as it rises and sinks?

Therefore, hot air rises and cold air sinks. Now, what happens? Perhaps you know that when you go up mountains or up in an air balloon or air plane it gets cold outside. For every 1000 meters in elevation, the temperature typically falls by 6.5°C.

Why does cold air sink?

Here’s an easier way to remember why cold air sinks—the further away from the sun you get, the cooler it is. Atmospheric (air) pressure is influenced by temperature, but it also affects the temperature – meaning that depending on if the air is hot or cold, it will rise or fall.

What is the significance of hot air rising and cold air sinking?

Significance. This system of hot air rising and cold air sinking is what drives earth’s energy, according to History for Kids. These air currents also create storms, including hurricanes and tornadoes. Hot air rising and colliding with cold air is what creates thunderstorms. Strong updrafts of warm air create cumulus clouds,...

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