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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look up my UCAS Tariff points?

You can look up your UCAS Tariff points by finding your qualifications in our Tariff tables (1.68 MB), or use our Tariff point calculator. Not all qualifications are on the Tariff, so don’t worry if you can’t find your qualification, as a university, college, or conservatoire may still accept it.

What qualifications are not on the UCAS Tariff?

Universities and colleges accept a range of qualifications, including those not on the Tariff. Check entry requirements in the search tool. UCAS Tariff points only apply to Level 3/SCQF Level 6 qualifications, not Level 2 qualifications such as GCSEs. Qualifications may change over time.

What are UCAS points?

UCAS Tariff points are allocated to qualifications generally studied between the ages of 16 to 18. The main purpose of the UCAS Tariff is for universities to report data to government bodies. However, some universities and colleges use UCAS points in their entry requirements, so you may need to know how many points your qualifications are worth.

Do you need tariff points to get into a university?

"Some universities use tariff points for entry requirements, whereas others will be more specific about the specific qualification and grades they are asking for. If you do need to meet a certain number of tariff points then check the Ucas tariff point calculator to make sure you’ve got the right number of points," Courteney adds.

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