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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of informational social influence?

One other way is to use informational social influence; you look to the behaviors of others who are also in the same or similar situation to see how they behave. Then, you can follow their lead. For example, you travel to another planet, where some nice aliens offer to show you around.

What are the consequences of informational social influence?

Informational social influence leads to real, long-lasting changes in beliefs. The result of conformity due to informational social influence is normally private acceptance: real change in opinions on the part of the individual.

What is the difference between informational social influence and normative social influence?

It occurs when we feel social pressure from others, our environment, or society. While normative social influence occurs because of pressures from those around us, informational social influence occurs due to our lack of information, resulting in us looking at what others are doing and then doing the same thing - that is the key difference!

How can informational social influence help you make decisions?

Informational social influence occurs when people look to others for information on how to behave. This is also known as social proof. We also use social proof to affirm our decisions. Although we may be influenced differently by different people, informational social influence often aligns with our “gut.”

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