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Frequently Asked Questions

What is intermediary in Information Technology Act?

As per Section 2 (1) of the Information Technology Act, an intermediary is a person/entity that receives, stores and transmits information or provides service for transmission of information.

What is intermediary liability?

Intermediary Liability under the Information Technology Act, 2000 Section 79 of the Act is a ‘safe harbour’ provision which grants conditional immunity to intermediaries from liability for third party acts.

What is an intermediary in the Internet?

Typically, intermediaries are persons who facilitate the use of the internet. Interestingly, the definition of an intermediary includes cyber cafes, and is not restricted to online intermediaries.

What are intermediaries under the old Act?

Intermediaries under the old act was a network service provider. They facilitated data on Internet by Means of Infrastructure for means of communication. They are one of the three pillars being originator, addressee and Intermediary. The existence of the Internet would be impossible without aIntermediary.

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