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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fleet charge?

Whether you own one power unit or are managing an entire fleet, Fleet Charge is designed to provide truck and bus fleets with a consistent customer experience across the International Truck ® and IC Bus ® dealer network.

Why service with international® trucking?

While your International® Truck can handle almost anything, wear and tear happens. And sooner or later parts need to be replaced. So to maximize uptime, you need service technicians who can quickly and easily locate the right parts, the ones specifically meant for your vehicle.

What is OnCommand™ fleet charge?

With the OnCommand™ Fleet Charge purchasing program, fleet managers and owner/operators can feel confident when purchasing all-makes and proprietary parts to maintain their entire fleet. Online: Quickly locate items and place orders with customized parts lists. The road is unforgiving.

Why choose a no-cost fleet management?

A No-Cost Opportunity to Generate Bottom-Line Savings for your Fleet. Guaranteed pricing on more than a million first-fit and all-makes truck and bus parts supplied by International Truck, so you can manage your fleet costs at home and over the road.

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