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Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries have opened international flights?

Here is a list of countries which have opened international flights — some for specific tourists Also Read - Direct Flights Between Bilaspur And Indore Launched, Check Flight Schedule And Fares Inside Dubai’s Emirates have flights to London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne.

What if my country has direct flights that are not available?

If your country has direct flights that are not from your nearest city, you are recommended to fly (travel) to that city and take a flight from there, rather than taking an international transfer.

Which countries are finally opening to tourists?

Some of the most restrictive nations are finally opening to tourists again including Australia which opened to tourists on Feb. 21 for the first time in two years and Vietnam which opened its borders on March 16. And Japan opened on June 10 to tourists, but initially only to those who book specific guided tours.

Is the United Arab Emirates open to tourists?

The United Arab Emirates is open to tourism and Americans are welcome — without the need to test or quarantine if fully vaccinated. As of Feb. 26, the UAE no longer requires PCR tests for fully vaccinated or recovered visitors.

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