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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the effects of DHT on scalp hair?

DHT can also make it take longer for your follicles to grow new hairs once old hairs fall out. Some people are more susceptible to these effects of DHT on scalp hair based on variations in their androgen receptor (AR) gene. Androgen receptors are proteins that allow hormones like testosterone and DHT to bind to them.

Is your scalp itch causing hair loss?

No matter what is causing your scalp itch (also called scalp pruritus) all of that scratching can damage strands of hair and cause breakage. Even more seriously, it can lead to hair growth disrupting inflammation as well as cause damage to the actual hair follicles. These consequences combined lead to hair that looks unhealthy, thin, or patchy.

Why is my hair dye making my scalp Itchy?

Often the culprit is an ingredient in the dye called para-phenylenediamine (PPD), which is found in black hair dyes. You could also have an allergy to a shampoo, conditioner, or other product that touches your scalp. If that’s the case, you’ll likely have an itchy rash on your scalp and any other skin that the product touches.

How do you get rid of DHT build up on your scalp?

How to remove sebum build-up containing DHT from the scalp. Use baby powder or dry shampoo to eliminate oil at the roots – in between washes, apply a power based dry shampoo to absorb some of the oil. If you think you may have hair loss caused by DHT, give us a call for a medical management consultation today.

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