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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Jeona Morh?

Jeona Morh,was an extremely strong and religious young man who eventually became a bandit and robbed many villages. He lived during the British Raj in Punjab. Before turning to crime he lived happily with his brother and his wife.

What is the story of Jatt Jeona Mour?

Jatt Jeona Mour (1991) Action, Crime, Drama. A bandit, Kishan, is betrayed by his friend, Choudhary Ahmed Dogra, arrested by the Police, and sent to prison during the British rule in India.

Who is Jagga Jatt's wife?

Jagga's wife Inder Kaur also died in the same village Banwala Anu in 1983. The Badblood family dominate organised bandit activities in lahore and Jalandhar as part of the rebel Jagga Jatt. They generated varying degree of influence over many political families in lahore.

What do you think of Sikhs from the Jatt background?

People from Jatt backgrounds who have now become Sikhs need to discard the old mumbo jumbo. It was Sikhism that unified them and gave them freedom and short lived sovereignty. If the other beliefs were any good we (Panjabis) wouldn't have been invaded every other year for centuries.

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