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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Jedediah Bila leave Fox News?

She says in the book that her decision to leave Fox was driven by her desire to tend to her father, then-Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who had recently been diagnosed with brain cancer. Much of her press for the audiobook has included advocacy for more progressive parental leave policies, and she praises Fox's plan.

Did Jedediah Bila leave Fox News?

Jedediah Bila Opens Up About Leaving Fox News. Former Fox News contributor Jedediah Bila says Andrew Breitbart played a major role in her recent decision to join ABC News’ The View and to leave Fox. “Andrew sat me down and he said, ‘what are you doing?'” Bila told Breitbart News about an outing at the Regency in New York.

Is Jedediah Bila engaged?

Congratulations are in order for “The View” co-host Jedediah Bila. The 38-year-old got engaged to boyfriend Jeremy Scher over the weekend, she announced Monday morning on the ABC show. The proposal, which she says came as a complete surprise, took place at a bed and breakfast.

How old is Jedediah Bila?

Jedediah Louisa Bila, born January 29, 1979, is an American television and radio host, columnist, and author. She is a co-host on ABC's The View.

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