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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keemstar known for?

Daniel Keem (Born: March 8, 1982), commonly known as Keemstar is well known for hosting the YouTube news channel called DramaAlert. In 2009, Prior to DramaAlert, Keemstar held a job at an attorneys office and went home to celebrate after a successful case, got drunk and began trashtalking the opposing team over Halo 3.

What happened to Keemstar?

Keemstar was later proven to be incorrect. Tony proved his identity, causing Keem to reluctantly apologize, fire one of his editors, offer Tony $1000 which was refused, and pull his story.


Keemstar completed his schooling and graduated from a Local Private University and Local High School in his hometown. On the career front, he appeared in the video named Halo 3 that was aired on YouTube. Thereon, he went on to create his channel named xDJKEEMSTAR in 2008 and began to post entertainment news on his channel.

Are Keemstar and Niall in a feud?

Both Keemstar and Niall have been in a long-lasting feud since April 2016. On April 9, 2016, Niall made a video titled, " KEEMSTAR RANT ", in which he suggested that Keem should have verbally added a disclaimer to the video in which he discussed the Toby Turner rape controversy, as they were just allegations.

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