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Frequently Asked Questions

What is landing?

English Language Learners Definition of landing : an act of returning to the ground or another surface after a flight : a level area at the top of stairs or between two sets of stairs : a place where boats and ships load and unload passengers and cargo

What makes landing unique?

As a small business owner, Landing gives me space to present my products to other creative peoples from all over the world, and connect with other small businesses. Landing is unique because it is simultaneously an independent workspace and a collaborative social community that prides itself on empowering and inspiring others!

What does forced landing mean?

landing noun [ C ] (PLANE/BOAT) B2 the fact of an aircraft arriving on the ground or a boat reaching land: One person has died after the pilot of a light aircraft was forced to make a crash/emergency landing in a field. More examples. The plane had to make a forced landing because one of the engines cut out.

Is landing a good place to live?

Landing life. Even on the conservative side, apartment buildings expect a three-month minimum (lease)... If they do offer month-to-month, it’s often as much as twice the rental price, and it’s incredibly annoying to furnish a place if you’re only going to live there for a month. Landing’s apartments have everything under the sun.

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