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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to my Launchpad account?

You can log in to your Launchpad account using the email address you used to create your account and submit your application. Note: Your UAlberta student ID can be found on the top of your Launchpad status page, above your application program choices.

What is the purpose of the Launchpad service?

The idea is to maximize the reuse of existing configuration and content, to avoid the need to configure everything from scratch as a result of this transition from the Portal service to the Launchpad service. !

What is SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service?

SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service is a new service on SAP Cloud Platform (Cloud Foundry) which is primarily focused on the enabling customers achieve a central Fiori Launchpad. Thomas Hensel has posted a blog “ Boost user productivity and simplify access to business apps with SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad ” introducing this new service.

Is it possible to re-use assignments in Launchpad?

This option is recommended as all destinations, cloud connector, custom themes, HTML5 apps and user collection assignments are configured in subaccount level, hence, you could re-use them in Launchpad

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