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Frequently Asked Questions

Will League of Legends memes make a resurgence?

Few players tend to focus on the lore of League of Legends, but memes like this may make a resurgence with the coming Netflix series and other League media set to come in the next few years. With these, we're sure to see some patterns and favorites in who Riot wants to tell stories about.

Who has the biggest villainous smile in League of Legends?

There are few memes that have remained embedded in the minds of League players like Draven, the ADC with the biggest villainous smile of any champion to date. His standard facial expression was an iconic look, and one that many players quickly found could fit on all sorts of other champions.

Are there any champion fusion memes?

In a similar vein to the League of Draven, there are a ton of memes built around strange mods that combine champion character models with different movesets and poses. Some can end up extremely awkward and hilarious, but the similarly-named Jhin and Xin Zhao have had one of the most well-known combinations of any champion fusion.

Is League of Legends fun?

There is no meme in League of Legends quite like how un-fun it is. It's not unusual to talk smack about the game you love, or make self-deprecating jokes about yourself and other players, but League's popularity and various player controversies make it one of the most common games to claim isn't fun.

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