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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do your legs turn blue?

Blue hands, feet, limbs (peripheral cyanosis) The limbs will also usually feel cold. It happens when blood circulation is poor because of: Raynaud's phenomenon – where the blood supply to the fingers and toes becomes temporarily reduced. an artery problem that affects the blood supply to the legs.

Why is my leg turning blue?

Maricq from the Medical University of South Carolina. Cures: The reason is due to circulation. In particular, cyanide poisoning will cause cyanosis. Congenital Heart Diseases. Other heart conditions are linked to cyanosis in adults. As a result, the skin turns blue. Asthma can cause blue legs.

Why do my feet turn blue when I am sitting?

when sitting my feet turn blue? Dependent rubor: Is a possibility. Venous insufficiency or incompetent valves cause blood to pool and this is often bluish in color when looking at the feet, Due to veins: When you sit it seems that you are clotting a vein temporarily. As the blood accumulates the leg get more swollen and it turns that color.

Why do my feet turn blue?

White discoloration of the skin, or pallor, occurs when arterial blood flow to the foot is critically low or completely blocked. If the blood flow does not improve quickly, the foot skin may turn bluish as the oxygen level in the foot tissue drops.

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