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Frequently Asked Questions

What's on the menu at legs Inn in Michigan?

Locally-caught Great Lakes Whitefish is a fan favorite, but there are many lovely options on the menu at Legs Inn in Michigan. Buffalo cauliflower offers a yummy way to start off any meal, and the (Almost) Chicago-Style Dog is an all-American delicacy. And desserts that will make you wish you'd saved room for a second dessert!

Is legs Inn still open?

***LEGS INN IS CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR THE SEASON - SEE YOU IN MAY 2019 *** Located in historic Cross Village, Legs Inn is a "monument to nature.". Built on a high bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, it is unique and mysterious as seen in its architecture and decor.

What is the legs inn called?

The Legs Inn is called a monument to nature, built on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. Polish cuisine is a specialty as well as American dishes. The Legs Inn also has comfortable cottages with two bedroom equipped for a vacation away from crowds.

Is there live music at legs Inn?

Legs Inn is one of Northern Michigan's most unique live music venues. Legs Inn is one of Northern Michigan's most unique live music venues. At this time, there are NO live music performances scheduled for the 2021 season.

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