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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song Loco legs?

" Loco Legs " is a song featured in the aptly named episode " Loco Legs " and the episode " Back to School ". All: Loco, go-go. Loco, go-go.

What album is hot legs on?

Stewart included the song on his 1977 album Foot Loose & Fancy Free. The 1977 single performed moderately well on the United States Hot 100 (No. 28), and well on the UK Singles Chart (No. 5). In the UK, "Hot Legs" and " I Was Only Joking " charted together as a double A-side.

Who is the girl in the legs video?

The "Legs" video concept started with Newman suggesting that the main character should be a young woman this time. He cast actress Wendy Frazier who had recently played the love interest in the little-seen Baxter Robertson video for the Robertson song "Silver Strand", also directed by Newman.

What is the meaning of the legs music video by eliminator?

The "Legs" music video follows a mousy young female shoe store clerk who is harassed by nearly everyone around her. The trio of women featured in previous music videos for Eliminator singles, drives up in the vintage Eliminator car to give her confidence and take revenge on the bullies.

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