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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 51talk teacher?

As a 51Talk teacher, your main task is to teach Chinese learners English in fun online video lessons. At the end of the lesson, you evaluate the learner's performance based on set guidelines. You also get to sign up for free training sessions to develop your knowledge of and skills for English language teaching.

Why Teach with 5151talk?

51Talk is in partnership with more than 20,000 home-based online English teachers who constantly achieve high standards. This partnership aims to ensure effective teaching while keeping lessons engaging and fun. Get inspired by our thriving teachers’ experiences of online English teaching.

How does the 51talk platform work?

The 51Talk platform is like a booking engine—learners pick their teacher and the lesson. When a learner books you for a lesson, all you need to do is study the 51Talk-provided lesson material and have fun teaching it!

What is the written standard for all lessons at 51talk?

The written standard for all lessons at 51Talk is the Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition. Most all answers to questions of style and language usage can be found in this manual. Where can I find the lesson level, unit, and title information for a lesson?

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