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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a live auction work?

A live auction is a method of selling goods wherein bidders come to an auction house or other set location. The goods are described and listed and an auctioneer solicits bids, or offers, for each item. The highest bidder wins the auction. Live auctions can be used to sell a wide variety of goods.

How does a live online auction work?

Live online bidding is where you watch the auction countdown in real-time online, and place incremental bids against others tuned in via their computers, keeping up to date each time you are outbid and adjusting accordingly to ensure you are the successful bidder at the end of the countdown.

What's is a live auction webcast?

A live auction webcast is an online broadcast of a live auction. Live auction webcasts allow anyone with an internet connection to participate in an auction taking place anywhere in the world. Participating in a live auction online is just like being at a live auction, but without the inconvenience of traveling to the onsite event.

How does online estate auctions work?

The online estate auction has simply shifted this process to the internet. Instead of the auction being hosted over several days in a private home, the items are collected by the liquidator, photographed, evaluated and graded where applicable, tagged, and have an opening bid set. Afterward, the items are available to view and be bid on online.

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