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Frequently Asked Questions

How many livestock are in the livestock show each year?

With more than 12,000 head of livestock moving in and out of the gates each year, visitors can watch traditional competitions including breeding, market, and showmanship, or those primarily aimed for recreation or companionship (llamas, alpacas, poultry, and stock dogs).

What time does winter livestock start in Colorado?

Riverton Livestock (Riverton , WY) - TUESDAY JANUARY 11TH - BRED COW SPECIAL. START TIME 9:00 AM W/ WEIGH UPS. BREDS @ 10:30 AM. Winter Livestock LaJunta, CO (LaJunta, CO) - ESTIMATE 6250 Winter Livestock.

What is the National Western Stock Show?

The National Western Stock Show is a 16-day livestock show held in Denver Colorado every January, hosting over 25 different breeds of cattle and many other species of livestock.

What breeds are at the National Western Livestock Show?

The National Western breeding sheep show features nine popular wool and meat breeds exhibiting their best quality stock of rams, ewes and lambs. As part of the National Western junior livestock competition, more than 500 market hogs from across the nation come to Denver to be shown by youth aged 9 to 18.

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