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Frequently Asked Questions

What is main?

Kids Definition of main (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : the chief part : essential point The new workers are in the main well trained. 2 : a principal line, tube, or pipe of a utility system water main gas main 3 : high seas

What is the plural of mains?

plural noun. 1. pipeline, channel, pipe, conduit, duct the water supply from the mains. 2. cable, line, electricity supply, mains supply amplifiers which plug into the mains. in the main on the whole, generally, mainly, mostly, in general, for the most part In the main, children are taboo in the workplace.

What is a water main?

› a large pipe that is part of the system carrying water or gas from one place to another: A water main burst and flooded the street.

What is main in JavaScript?

Main is declared inside a class or struct. Main must be static and it need not be public. (In the earlier example, it receives the default access of private .) The enclosing class or struct is not required to be static. Main can either have a void, int, Task, or Task<int> return type.

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