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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is DFW Airport located?

What city is DFW Airport? Located roughly halfway between the major cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, DFW spills across portions of Dallas and Tarrant counties, and includes portions of the cities of Irving, Euless, Grapevine and Coppell.

How many square miles is DFW Airport?

Usually, flying into DFW, you come in from the distance and never see the whole airport in one view. This got me thinking about the common saying that the DFW airport is larger than the island of Manhattan. This is, in fact, true: Manhattan is 22.82 square miles. DFW is 27 square miles.

How far is DFW Airport from downtown Dallas?

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is the 4th-busiest airport in the world, based on aircraft movement. The primary international airport for the combined metropolitan areas of Dallas and Fort Worth, it is almost equidistant from downtown Dallas (20 miles; 32 kilometers) and Fort Worth (23 miles; 37 kilometers), taking just over 20 minutes to reach the airport from both locations in ...

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