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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Masque mean?

masque(Noun) (in 16th-17th Century England & Europe) A dramatic performance, often performed at court as a royal entertainment, consisting of dancing, dialogue, pantomime and song. masque(Noun) Words and music written for a masque. masque(Noun) A shortening of the word masquerade.

What is masque play?

The Masque was a kind of dramatic entertainment popular in the age of Shakespeare. It was called a Masque or Masquerade because the actors wore masks or vizards on their faces.

What is a masque in the Tempest?

The Masque in The Tempest has been useful to Shakespeare in many ways. It may have initially been meant only to represent the betrothal of Ferdinand and Miranda, but it has ended up adding many different aspects to the play. It is a section of The Tempest which well rounds out the play as a whole.

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