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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maya programming with Python?

Maya is a 3D graphics and animation software, used to develop interactive 3D applications and games with stupendous visual effects. The Maya Programming with Python Cookbook is all about creating fast, powerful automation systems with minimum coding using Maya Python.

What are the chapters in Maya programming language?

The first two chapters provide an overview of Python scripting in Maya and the basics of UI creation. From there, chapters three through seven each cover a different problem domain, in roughly the same order that they are encountered in real-world projects. We start with modeling, moving through texturing, rigging, animation, and rendering.

What is Mel syntax in Maya?

Every command in Maya comes in two flavors—the MEL version and the corresponding Python command. The script editor shows you commands in MEL syntax, which tends to take the form of: The MEL syntax borrows a lot from batch scripting wherein it relies on strings of option names (generally referred to as "flags") and corresponding values.

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