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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Itchy Palms a sign of an underlying illness?

Common skin conditions can cause itchy palms. However, itchy palms can also indicate more serious underlying health problems, such as diabetes, nerve disorders, and liver disease. Treatment for itchy palms usually depends on its underlying cause. Itchy palms can be easily prevented through regular and proper skin care.

What does it mean if your palms are itchy?

Itchy palms are often caused by common skin conditions, but they can also signal a more serious, underlying issue. According to superstition, itchy left and right palms were thought to symbolize that a person is going to give away or receive some money. However, there are some legitimate medical reasons why a person’s palms may start to itch.

What does Itchy Palms mean medically?

Causes of Itchy Palms. A less common type of eczema is known for its hallmark symptoms of itchy palms and soles of the feet. This condition is known as dyshidrosis or palmoplantar dermatitis. The digits (fingers) also itch on their sides. The itchiness worsens during nighttime and during warm weather conditions.

What does it mean if your palm is itchy?

Sometimes itchy palms are the result of repeated exposure to an irritant or chemical that eventually results in an allergic reaction. This is called contact dermatitis. An allergic reaction may appear 48 to 96 hours after contact with an allergen. It may take repeated exposure before the allergic reaction develops.

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