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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in Milwaukee County?

The Milwaukee metropolitan area is home to approximately 1.57 million people in 2016. 30% of the entire state's population lives in the 5-country metropolitan area, with 10% of Wisconsin's population within the Milwaukee city limits.

What is the Milwaukee County tax rate?

Milwaukee County, WI Sales Tax Rate. The current total local sales tax rate in Milwaukee County, WI is 5.600%. The December 2017 total local sales tax rate was also 5.600%.

How big is Milwaukee County?

Milwaukee county is located in southeast Wisconsin. Milwaukee county has 241.40 square miles of land area and 948.14 square miles of water area.

How far is Waukesha County from Milwaukee County?

The total driving distance from Milwaukee, WI to Waukesha County, WI is 20 miles or 32 kilometers. Your trip begins in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It ends in Wisconsin.

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