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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to my Mtn email account?

go to and click on "communicate", then register and login to "email". i think he meant, that he wanted to login to his email mtn profile on their website. go to and click on "communicate", then register and login to "email".

How to retrieve mtnloaded email?

Retrieving email from does not always work as it saves the body of the email as an attachment which can be opened, but unfortunatly sometimes it says the body is saved as an attachment but it is missing. Then your email is gone for keeps. By using OE to retrieve mtnloaded email, you will not miss any email.

How long does it take for MTN email to show up?

I log on to MTN's Web Site and send/receive it from there (IMAP). It takes at least an hour before a message that I sent from another account shows up there, if at all. I only use MTNLoaded email on my mobile phone. Using iBurst mail on my pc & Hotmail as backup.

What is the size of mail mtnloaded?

In fact, the total size of main page is 100.2 kB. This result falls within a vast category (top 1 000 000) of heavyweight, probably not optimized, and thus slow loading web pages. Only 5% of websites need less resources to load. Images take 55.0 kB which makes up the majority of the site volume.

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