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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brightspace at Algonquin College?

Welcome to Brightspace at Algonquin College! Brightspace is Algonquin College’s Learning Management System (LMS). It serves as a portal to access all digital materials associated to courses and programs, fosters communications amongst students and faculty via a number of tools, provides a platform to conduct assessments and surveys,...

How do I enroll in the Brightspace Essentials students course?

Log in to Brightspace to enroll in the online Brightspace Essentials Students course and get a certificate as a proof of your completion. If you don’t have access to the Brightspace Essentials Students course, contact ITS at [email protected]

How do I Change my Password at Algonquin College?

Algonquin College staff who are working remotely using college computers are encouraged to connect to VPN and use Ctrl-Alt-Del to change their password. Staff who are working on campus can use Ctrl-Alt-Del to update their password on a college computer.

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