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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Naturalization number?

Your C-File number is located in red type at the top of your Certificate of Naturalization. This number is present on all naturalization certificates. It may be possible to also locate this number on the court index referencing your naturalization petition or the petition itself if the number was added when your citizenship was approved. If ...

Who needs a certificate of naturalization?

issued to a person born outside the United States who derived or acquired U.S. citizenship through a U.S. citizen parent; or • Naturalization Certificate, issued to a person who became a U.S. citizen after 18 years of age through the naturalization process.

Do I need a naturalization certificate?

You don’t need a naturalization certificate: that, like a US birth certificate or a certificate of citizenship, is a document that establishes your citizenship in the first place. Once you have a passport, it’s ALL you need to prove that you are a citizen.

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