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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nearpod work?

Cleverly, Nearpod works in a number of ways to support a teacher-led classroom, student-led remote learning, or a single screen-led presentation teaching mode. Crucially, whichever style is used, it can easily be integrated with Zoom to include all students, regardless of their location.

What are Nearpod's formative assessments?

Nearpod’s formative assessments create a safe environment for students to learn and share. You can create and import your own Google Slides, Powerpoint of PDF lessons in minutes and add interactive activities such as: VR Field Trips: Take your students anywhere using virtual reality, without leaving your classroom

How much does Nearpod cost?

Copyright © Nearpod Inc. 2022 Price Free In-App Purchases NPP "CCP Multiplication & Division: Part A"$4.99 NPP "CCP Multiplication & Division: Part B"$4.99 NPP "CCP Fractions - Addition & Subtraction: Part A"$4.99 NPP "CCP Fractions - Addition & Subtraction: Part B"$4.99 NPP "CCP Decimals - Addition & Subtraction: Part A"$4.99

How do I add content to Nearpod?

Within Nearpod, build and add a name, then add content using the Add Slide button. Use the Content tab to engage students and the Activities tab to find assessment tools to add in. You can also upload PowerPoint decks and more by selecting and uploading each directly from within Nearpod.

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