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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tier 6 NYS retirement?

What Tier Are You In? Retirement and Social Security Law limits pensionable earnings, that is, the earnings that can be included in the calculation of a NYSLRS pension. Tier 6 members are subject to limits on the amount of overtime and the total earnings that can be included.

How is NYS retirement calculated?

How is NYS pension calculated? The longer you wait to retire, the greater your benefit will be. At age 62, you can retire with your full benefits. …. For Tier 3 and 4 members, if you retire with less than 20 years of service, the formula is FAS × 1.66% × years of service; between 20 and 30 years, the formula becomes FAS × 2.00% × years of ...

How does nycers determine if I am disabled?

How does NYCERS determine if I am disabled? NYCERS has established a Medical Board to hear each application for disability retirement. This three doctor panel is charged with reviewing all the evidence a member submits in support of their claim for benefits and is also required to physically examine the injured/ill worker.

What is full retirement age for New York?

What is full retirement age in New York State? 62 years old For the full retirement benefit, you must be 62 years old at retirement or, if you have 30 years of credited service, you may retire as early as age 55. With less than 30 years of service, you may retire as early as age 55, but you will receive a reduced benefit. ...

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