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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you download OneDrive to your computer?

Press "Choose your Device" and select PC | Mac. On the bottom of the page, click "Download OneDrive for Windows" and save the OneDriveSetup.exe file somewhere on your computer, so that you can easily find it and run it. Then, run OneDriveSetup.exe to begin the installation.

How do I download Microsoft OneDrive?

Download files from Microsoft OneDrive. Step 1: Visit this page of OneDrive and sign into your account. Step 2: Right-click on the file or album that you would like to download and then click the Download option to begin downloading the file. Depending on the file or album size, the download procedure might take seconds to hours. How...

What is Microsoft OneDrive business?

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is an industrial-strength, business-class file storage and management service built on Microsoft's SharePoint technology.

How can I download files from OneDrive?

Download files from OneDrive to your device In the OneDrive app, open the folder that has the files you want to download. Make sure the folder contents appear in list view, not as thumbnails. Tap the check boxes of one or more files you want to download. Tap More in the top corner of the screen and then tap Save.

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