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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open OneDrive settings?

Get into the PC Settings from getting into the Start Menu. Look for the OneDrive and click to open it. On the OneDrive list click on Sync Settings. The right pane of the Sync Settings window will have numerous settings with a slider provided with each setting.

Where is settings in one drive?

Right click OneDrive in Explorer or the OneDrive icon in the taskbar and select Settings on the menu that is displayed. Select the Accounts tab in the window and then click the Choose folders button. In the next window, clear the checkbox Make all files available. Below is a list of folders in the root of OneDrive online.

How do you open the Settings menu?

Step 1: Open the Settings app by clicking the Settings icon in the Start menu. Step 2: Once Settings app is launched, click Personalization. Step 3: On the left-side, click Start to see Start settings on the right-side. Tip: You can even use the search box on the taskbar or Start to quickly access Start settings.

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