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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up OneDrive on a Mac?

Set up OneDrive on your Mac: Visit the web page. Click on the Sign In button from the upper-right corner and use your previously created Microsoft account to log in. Select the Get OneDrive Apps option from the left side of the screen.

Does OneDrive work with Mac?

The OneDrive for Business client for the Mac can easily be considered a status bar application despite the fact that, in order to work with your files stored in your OneDrive cloud account, you must use the OneDriveBusiness folder created on your Mac.

How do I install OneDrive on my PC?

To install the OneDrive app: Navigate to the Download OneDrive page. Locate and select Download OneDrive for Windows. Downloading OneDrive. Once the file is downloaded, open it and follow the instructions to install OneDrive. Installing OneDrive. The OneDrive Desktop app is now installed on your computer.

How do I make OneDrive available offline?

Go to the OneDrive folder which you can easily find through the left-side navigation pane. Find your desired files or folders, right click on them and select “Make available offline” or “Make available online-only” depending on your needs. As before, the change will be applied immediately.

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