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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Trader Joe's sell red onions?

Pacific Gold red onions sold at Trader Joe's in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah Taylor Farms Macaroni Salad (9.9-ounce container) sold at Kroger

Is there a recall on red onions at Ralphs?

This new recall is on products sold on the West Coast at Trade Joe's ("conventional red onions sold only in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah stores") and Ralph's ("conventional yellow onions sold only in California stores"). These onions were sold loose in bulk bins.

Why are progressive produce onions being recalled?

Progressive Produce has announced a voluntary recall of red and yellow onions due to the recall from Thomson International. The latter company is the suspected source of the salmonella outbreak, per the FDA, and it supplied onions to Progressive Produce.

What products have been recalled So far?

Here's a list of the products recalled so far. You'll find more details at the FDA pages on the Monday recall, the Walmart and Kroger recall, the Giant Eagle prepared foods recall, meat recall largely associated with Taylor Farms, and the full Thomson International recall list.

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