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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a special certification to teach AP Art?

The College Board does not require a teacher to have any special qualifications to teach AP classes, but there are certain training resources that it highly suggests teachers of these classes participate in. These resources include professional development workshops, summer courses, AP exam readings and AP conferences.

What is the job of an art teacher?

On the Job Duties. An art teacher is responsible for many of the same duties as regular education teachers. Art teachers will perform duties to keep students safe, such as hallway or bus monitoring, take attendance, monitor student behavior, create lesson plans, and grade assignments.

What is clip art?

Clip art (also clipart, clip-art) is a type of graphic art. Pieces are pre-made images used to illustrate any medium. Today, clip art is used extensively and comes in many forms, both electronic and printed.

What is the art of Education?

Arts in education is an expanding field of educational research and practice informed by investigations into learning through arts experiences. In this context, the arts can include Performing arts education (dance, drama, music), literature and poetry, storytelling, Visual arts education in film, craft, design, digital arts, media and photography.

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