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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a timer or stopwatch used for?

Stopwatches are handheld timers used at a variety of sporting events. A stopwatch is a handheld timer used in sporting events such as track meets, swim meets, triathlons and other time-lapse games.

What is a digital timer?

A digital timer is a small, battery operated device that digitally counts down minutes for accurate timing. It can sometimes be much handier than using a traditional clock. Analog clocks normally have one position setting for an alarm and most are not highly portable.

What is a computer timer?

Computer timer. TimeLeft is a free computer timer with a lot features that make it very easy to use. TimeLeft computer timer is a little floating window on your desktop that can be on top of all applications and can stick to the screen borders. TimeLeft computer timer is highly customizable: you can change skins or fonts and colors,...

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