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Frequently Asked Questions

What does outcomes mean?

Definition of outcome. : something that follows as a result or consequence. a surprising outcome. patient outcomes of bypass surgery. We are still awaiting the final outcome of the trial.

What are outcomes and indicators?

Outcomes and Indicators. The set of indicators provided in the curriculum for an outcome provide the intent of the outcome, tell the story or create a picture of the outcome, and define the levels and types of knoweledge intended by the outcome. Indicators are not a checklist or prioritized list of instructional activities...

What is the definition of possible outcomes?

Possible outcomes are important in decision making because in order to make a decision, a person has to know the available options. However, strictly speaking, options are not the same as possible outcomes. Possible outcomes are the results of options. In other words, in a decision of whether to go to school, the options are to go or not go.

What is predicting outcomes?

Predicting outcomes(Michael) Predicting Outcomes • Definition: Predicting outcomes is the ability to predict what will happen next based on two things: 1. Clues given in the picture or story 2. What you already know Predicting Outcomes 1. One way to predict outcomes is to look at a picture.

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