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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Check my Outlook email from home?

Click "E-mail Accounts…" and then click "New…" under the E-Mail tab. If you haven't used Outlook on this PC before, you must first click "Add," and then enter a profile name. For example, type "Home.". Click "OK.". Click the "Manual Setup or Additional Server Types" radio, then click "Next.".

How do you sign an email in outlook?

Open the Signatures and Stationery window by clicking the "Stationery and Fonts" button in the Mail section of the Outlook Options window. If the "Personal Stationery" tab is selected by default, click the "E-mail Signature" tab. Click "New" and type a name for your new signature. Click "OK" and then type your name into the Edit Signature box.

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