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Frequently Asked Questions

What does OWA stand for?

Microsoft named this client Outlook Web App (OWA) when using it with Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2013. Microsoft also called the browser-based app Outlook Web Access and Exchange Web Connect with earlier versions of Exchange Server.

What do you need in order to access OWA?

Accessing OWA requires the installation steps below and an email account on that network Installation Steps Step 1: Obtain a CAC Reader Step 2:CAC Reader driver Step 3:DoD Certificates Step 4:ActivClient Step 4a:Update ActivClient Step 5: IE adjustments

How do I access OWA?

The easiest way to start using UW Exchange Online, part of UW Office 365, is to use Outlook on the web (aka OWA). OWA requires only a browser on your device. Log in using your UW NetID and password.

What are the features of OWA?

An award-winning theme park and all-new indoor water park—it’s the ultimate combination of thrill and chill! OWA Theater is the centerpiece of Downtown OWA’s entertainment offerings. See their current and upcoming shows!

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