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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into PowerSchool?

Log into PowerSchool at http:// powerschool Enter Access ID under User Name and Access Password. What is the PowerSchool URL? Open your web browser and go to http:// powerschool – Note: clicking the link will open the parent portal in a new window/tab so you may keep these instructions open.

How do I access PowerSchool?

You can visit your school or District Website, or speak with your School or District Administrators. PowerSchool logins are granted by Schools and Districts. Each school will verify your Identity before giving you an account to help protect Student Data and Privacy.

What does the name PowerSchool mean?

information. PowerSchool is a database application that runs on a server, and is the center of your student information system. It uses the Internet to facilitate student information management and communication among school administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Each of these groups has its own "doorway" or access to the PowerSchool SIS.

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