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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Pro Publica?

ProPublica ( / proʊˈpʌblɪkə / ), legally Pro Publica, Inc., is a nonprofit organization based in New York City. It is a newsroom that aims to produce investigative journalism in the public interest.

Who is on the Board of ProPublica?

In like manner, Alberto Ibarguen, the president and CEO of the Knight Foundation is on the board of ProPublica. ProPublica has attracted attention for the salaries it pays its employees. In 2008, Paul Steiger, the editor of ProPublica, received a salary of $570,000.

How is ProPublica funded?

As a nonprofit news organization, ProPublica is primarily funded by individual donations and online advertising.

Who are ProPublica’s reporters?

Mike Spies is a reporter based in ProPublica’s New York City newsroom. Jake Pearson is a reporter at ProPublica, covering the business interests of Trump Administration officials. Lydia DePillis covers trade and the economy.

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