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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Process Lasso?

Process Lasso can be downloaded on the Bitsum homepage, located here. The program is available for free; however, there is a premium license available for a price. We'll get more into that, and the benefits of upgrading, later. Once downloaded, Process Lasso is easily installed by launching the executable.

Is Process Lasso the only way to manually configure CPU prioritization?

Process Lasso is by no means the only way to manually configure your CPU prioritization, but it is one of the only programs to do so automatically. If you've already tried to use Windows Task Manager to manage your CPU cores and found it imprecise, Process Lasso might be exactly what you need.

Is lasso good for gaming?

I've used it on my FX8350 system, which had a sizable boost in fps with High Perf/Ultimate power plans, and Lasso was good to automatically switch power plans during games, also it had its Bitsum power plan before Windows came with Ultimate.

Does Process Lasso have a GUI?

The GUI is entirely optional. Process Lasso’s headline technology is ProBalance, a smart tool which monitors running processes and intelligently adjusts the priority of resource hogs as they appear. Can this really make a difference?

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