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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Python have overloading?

There is no method overloading in python. You can however use default arguments, as follows. When you pass it an argument it will follow the logic of the first condition and execute the first print statement. When you pass it no arguments, it will go into the else condition and execute the second print statement.

Does Python support overloaded methods?

Python does not support function overloading. When we define multiple functions with the same name, the later one always overrides the prior and thus, in the namespace, there will always be a single entry against each function name.

What is overload in Python?

In python, function overloading is defined as the ability of the function to behave in different ways depend on the number of parameters passed to it like zero, one, two which will depend on how function is defined. Overloading function provides code reusability, removes complexity and improves code clarity to the users who will use or work on it.

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