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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Python print return none?

The print()function returns None. You are printing that return value. That's because print()has nothing toreturn; its job is to write the arguments, after converting them to strings, to a file object (which defaults to sys.stdout). But all expressions in Python (including calls) produce a value, so in such cases Noneis produced.

Can you return a return statement in Python?

The python return statement is used in a function to return something to the caller program. We can use the return statement inside a function only. In Python, every function returns something. If there are no return statements, then it returns None. If the return statement contains an expression, it’s evaluated first and then the value is ...

What does init do in Python?

init method is used to initialize the servlet config object. Init is similar to a subroutine or function in other programming languages. The init() method has no arguments inside the parentheses.

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