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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Ford 302 engines?

S&J has been building Ford 302 engines since 1975: you receive built into your engine over 45 years of engine design, machining, and assembly expertise. JOIN THE S&J ENGINE REVOLUTION TODAY

What is a Ford 302 long block crate engine?

Our Ford 302 long block crate engine is now on sale. This 5.0 liter is a beast in Mustangs and other high-performance applications. These motors will cover vehicles that are manufactured between 1981 and 2000. This Ford long block is far from being your everyday rebuilt engine.

Are S&J 302 engines any good?

Our 302 engines are so good, many of the engine suppliers you find offering Ford's 302 motors are from S&J Engines! Go mild, go wild. Your S&J 302 engine will deliver the horsepower, torque and reliability that has put us on the map and driven us to be the finest source for your long block crate engine.

Are Ford crate engines remanufactured?

Remanufactured in a strict, multi-stage process, Gearhead Engines offers a complete line of Ford crate engines for your needs. As a result, these engines are machined with superior-quality parts. Engine trouble? Don’t give up the Ford you know and love!

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