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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for posting about the Ukrainian conflict?

Current Ukrainian Conflict Only. Failure to post accurate content will result in a post removal or a ban for misinformation depending on the context. 2. NO Russian Propaganda Or Fake Information. Do not share any information that is fake, propaganda or anything that may misinform any user (s). You will be permanently banned. 3.

Should I tag a Ukrainian conflict video as NSFL?

The nature of the Ukrainian conflict means that such content is often valuable. However, it's important to tag it so that people can avoid it if they so desire. Yes, you should still tag a video titled "EXTREMELY GORY VIOLENT DEATH AND DESTRUCTION" as NSFL, even though it's obvious (it allows reddit clients to hide thumbnails).

Is the Ukrainian Internet at risk from cyber war?

With cyber war, an ever-important tool in modern warfare, the risk of losing wartime footage, news and documents is higher than ever before. While activists have targeted the Russian government and media earlier, now other volunteers have come forward to preserve the Ukrainian internet.

What did the Ukrainian protesters want?

The protesters demanded that the government opens the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and stops weapons deliveries to Ukraine. Many came with Russian flags. These people clearly don’t care about massacred Ukrainians. Moderator list hidden.

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