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Frequently Asked Questions

What are reed switch/sensors?

What are Reed switch/sensors? Reed switch is also called an inductive-magnetic sensor, so it is grouped in special inductive sensors. Reed switch is printed in a bakelite box. If the switch enters a magnetic field, the contact feathers become closed, and the sensor provides electrical signals.

Can I customize my Reed sensor?

Our reed sensors employ the latest in reed switch mounting in a wide array of applications. Options for customization are available. This guide provides an introduction to magnetic sensing and options for value-added custom design packages.

Are reed switches reliable?

Reed switches feature incredibly high reliability for a mechanical switch, and they’re able to function for billions of cycles before failing. Additionally, because of their sealed construction, they can operate in explosive environments where a spark could potentially have disastrous results.

What are SMD Reed sensors?

SMD Reed Sensors are supplied in tapes conforming to IEC 60286-3 standards, for automatic pick and place, and can be use... Continue reading -> Magnet Sensors are used where high positional accuracy in sensing is required and an actuating magnet is required in the same package.

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